A lot of grousing about the quality/ability of the Gator football roster. So, just a look at the current roster sans kickers and snappers: 36, 3 stars (46%); 38, 4 stars; 4, 5 stars.

It clearly wouldn't hurt to have more highly rated players entering the program, but my 2 cents is better coaching is also needed. This reminds me of Mullen. His best offensive players were running backs and he refused to use more than one at any given time. Napier is the same. Which position has the most overall talent? I'd say running back, but how many wheel route throws, screen passes, or draw plays have you seen this year, as opposed to dive pays disguised as RPOs? If you are concerned about the physical abilities of your players, why not help them out with a more inventive offense?

A similar situation seems to exist on defense. It seems a bit more variety in approach would help the current players get better results. Makes me wonder if 3rd and blitz Grantham was trying to do some variations in schemes to help the players cope with physically superior opponents.

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