Vanderbilt Preview

The Florida Gators play a must-win game tonight in Nashville versus the Vanderbilt Commodores. Florida entering in at 51st in the NET desperately need this win, if they want to make the NCAA tournament. In the first matchup between the two teams Florida dominated the game, they had Scotty Pippen JR. locked up the entire game as he just shot 1 for 10 from the field, was held to just 6 points, and that was still when the best perimeter defender for the Gators (Niles Lane) was still in Mike Whites dog house. If Florida wants to win this game tonight they are going to have to somewhat replicate that performance defensively, to feel comfortable in my opinion you have to hold Pippen to under 22 points. The two different things about these teams this time around is that Vanderbilt has Minnesota transfer Liam Robbins back, and Florida has Colin Castleton, in the past Florida usually struggles against big men with size and can stretch the floor, especially against the pick and pop. Tanner Groves earlier in the season torched Florida going for 20 points, so hopefully, Florida watched some film on that game and made some improvements at guarding the stretch 5's. In conclusion today for the Gators it will come down to three things: rebounding, live-ball turnovers, and shot selection. I think in desperation mode though for the Gators it favors them in this match-up, and I will say they somewhat contain Scotty Pippen, and they will win 62-58. Should be a great match-up, and hopefully, the Gators get a much-needed quadrant 1 victory!

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