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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. CL

Mike White’s surprising departure is the top story from a wild weekend in Florida sports — but not nearly the only one.

NCAA Basketball: Florida at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Chill weekend, huh?

Florida wins its 43rd national championship — and sets the stage for No. 44. Florida loses its men’s basketball coach — a guy that a vocal minority of the fan base has been asking to be fired very nicely in rude and sometimes brutal terms for years — but not via firing, and to Georgia, and because he found a back door out of a situation that was going to end even less happily if he didn’t find one soon. Florida loses a baseball game to a previously winless team in rather dispiriting fashion. Florida beats No. 1 in men’s tennis — yes, a different sport than the one in which it won a national title, where it obviously “beat” “No. 1.”

Oh, and somewhere in there is Florida’s women’s basketball team getting royally disrespected and snubbed by the NCAA Tournament in its first trip to it in several years. And spring practice begins soon — you know, for the sport that we all really care about.

It’s never, ever quiet for the Florida Gators. And I’m not sure why I thought I might have a fairly relaxing Sunday night just about a week from my birthday in the first place.

Feel free to opine on any or all of the above in the space below. I’ll have writeups on both men’s hoops being in the NIT in its first post-Mike White week and how women’s hoops got thrown into a no-win situation in the NCAA Tournament in the morning, and something on the women’s track title later, but I also got thousands (y’all know me) of words into a piece on all — and I do mean all — the plausible candidates to succeed White, and that’ll probably be the anchor of this week.

(Also: Do we want to do bracket challenges for the various tournaments? I’m down if you all really want one, so long as we forget that I almost certainly owe someone something from one we did years ago.)