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Whether you're someone who regularly vapes or enjoys the culture, nothing brings us together more than laughing so hard that tears begin to roll down our cheeks. Vaping, without a doubt, has a deeprooted culture based on memes, funny stories, and events that grow the popularity of our favorite pastime. So sit back, take a hit from your favorite setup and read these memes that have enriched the world of vaping.

H3H3's Vape Nation

Although vaping has been around for much longer than 4-years, vaping picked up steam -- no pun intended -- when H3H3 dropped a video on YouTube called 'VAPE NATION.' In this video, Ethan Klein, one part of the husband-and-wife duo that founded the H3H3 channel, dresses up as an over-the-top vape user with zero self-awareness or fashion sense.

The video goes on to show Ethan trekking out into the city to find the perfect vape for his needs. Along the way, we encounter a plethora of meme-worthy interactions that he experiences while dealing with shop owners, random citizens walking by and the police. Ethan's tube socks, fat rips and thong sandals will go down in history as one of the funniest depictions of a vape user we've ever seen.

Move Over, Vape Clouds!

Do you often take a hit of your vape when you're sitting at your computer, browsing through Reddit, Twitter, or playing games? If you're anything like the average vaper, you'll notice how you tilt your head and read the screen behind your vape clouds.

It's funny because we, as vape users, forget that we can blow the smoke wherever we want. But for whatever reason, we always end up exhaling right in our frame of view. Watch yourself during the upcoming week and you'll see how accurate this meme is.

Setup Envy

Let's be honest for a second; how much money do you spend on mods? If you're anything like us, you've dropped hundreds of dollars on replacement parts, new mods, and accessories.

After you've got your new mods up and running, you'll inevitably hit them while in public. But have you ever accidentally stumbled into a smoke shop and immediately felt embarrassed by your setup? Don't feel ashamed; we've all been there.

This meme with Jack Black perfectly illustrates what it feels like to have set up envy. Although it may sting at the moment, laugh it off and ask the person about their setup!

Public Outrage and Hysteria

One of the things we hate most about the general opinion of our favorite pastime is the facts and information that get spread. While we're not saying vaping is 100% risk-free, it's a fun hobby that we enjoy and share with our friends and family.

However, in recent times, the law and legislative branches have turned their backs on logic and reason and replaced them with scare tactics and fake outrage. If you're in a city that has recently experienced these bans, this meme of Fred revealing who's truly behind the fake news will make your sides hurt from laughter.

Smart Investments

Isn't it weird that when we, as vape users, get a lump-sum of money, it seems we blow it all on new mods, setups and juices? This Dr. Evil meme perfectly illustrates how the majority of us think when our tax return hits our account.

What do you mean by "save for a rainy day" or "invest it in the stock market?" We're too busy getting our dream setup and buying the juice that our friend told us to get. The only investment we want to hear about is the new juice that's going to hit the market in a few weeks!

The Oblivious Friend

Do you have that one friend that hits your vape without thinking things through? You may have been at a party or social get-together when they ask to hit your vape a few times.

Being the reliable and friendly person that you are, you oblige without much thought. When they hand it back, and you go to take a hit, it tastes like burnt hair mixed with a cotton t-shirt.

Although most of us have perfected the sweet-science of hitting our vape, some people never learn. For those out there that have burnt your friend's coil or cotton, here's what you need to know: Hold the button down while you're taking a hit, then release. Follow this approach, and you'll never be "that guy" again!

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