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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. Since Then II

It’s hard to sit and think when you can’t, uh, sit and think.

Tennessee v Florida Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Boy, am I a silly person.

Two weeks ago, I wrote this:

But I’m also committing, this August, to stringing together enough of these half-hours or using as much of my evenings as I need to use to get at least one post up per day.

And I actually did pretty well — for five days. Then came a weekend, and me justifying recovering from a stressful week of stressful days with “It’s just the weekend,” and then a week of more stressful days, and ... well, we’re here now, a day removed from one of the more exciting weekends of Florida football recruiting developments in recent history and the opening of the shiny new Heavener Center, and I haven’t really gotten to sit down and write until this afternoon.

I do, as you might suspect, have thoughts longer than just tweets about these things, and about the building narrative and perception of this season of Gators gridironing, and other things.

But I also walked into the only house I’ve ever lived in last night to get some armfuls of boxes of handmade dresses out of it, walked out and smelled a charred wood scent that I had only ever associated with campfires until recently, and almost cried overhearing a man down the street tell some younger people heading out for the night to “have a good time” because several aspects of that concept seem completely alien and unreachable to me right now.

So, yeah, hold me to writing ... but also know that I’m kind of just holding on.