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Friday Forum: Who is Florida’s second-most exciting player in 2022?

There’s a clear leading man who will be the star of the show. But who else could reside in the spotlight?

Florida State v Florida Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

There is an obvious answer to both “Who is Florida’s most exciting player this fall?” and “Who are you, Gators fan, most excited to see this fall?”

It’s Anthony Richardson. He plays football’s most important position with skill, style, athleticism, and will, and he’s a hometown hero, and he’s made himself a bigger star with off-the-field exploits that make him more compelling — and he, if he is as good as many believe he could be on enough Saturdays this fall, will likely be good enough to merit Heisman Trophy consideration and lead Florida into title consideration.

But I’m not interested in that obvious answer to that obvious question. I want to know who’s next on the list.

Is it Gervon Dexter, probably Florida’s best interior defensive lineman since Sharrif Floyd, who will be lining up in multiple spots and possibly become a more versatile terror as a result? Is it Nay’Quan Wright or Lorenzo Lingard, both running backs who have waited patiently for starring roles? Maybe Montrell Johnson, imported from Louisiana for the same spot? O’Cyrus Torrence, the rare interior offensive lineman who could be worth focusing on for a series at a time in real time? Diwun Black, whose well-traveled status is well-known? Devin Moore, this year’s apparent freshman comer in the secondary? Jason Marshall, heir apparent to the lockdown corner spot Kaiir Elam held last season?

Is it Trent Whittemore, the best wide receiver in the history of football?

I honestly don’t know who my pick is. But I want to hear yours in the comments.