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Week 1 college football open thread: How to watch a stuffed Saturday

The Gators don’t play until tonight. But this is one of those Saturdays we wish every day would be.

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NCAA Football: Notre Dame Spring Game Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Headline aside, I’m not going to insult your intelligence by writing a “how to watch” post for the full Saturday’s worth of games for this Week 1 of college football. You know, at this point, where to find the Big Ten Network or ESPNU or whatever local affiliate is carrying the seventh-tier ACC game at 1 p.m. this afternoon — and if you don’t, surely you have seen, one of the Internet’s last truly great websites, and figured out how to calculate from “Time CT” at this point.

I do get to shill you something today — Sling TV — but that’s in the hopes that you might actually need it, especially if you’re stuck with a cable subscription like mine that lacks a few key channels that would help me watch the full spectrum of college football.

But the chances are good that you have arrived at this Saturday with some level of readiness for it. Maybe you’ve got tickets, or the RV’s already set up on campus, or the pizza delivery order is placed. Possibly, you’ve been able to wait for this in a way that makes today the culmination of a lot of work or anticipation or anxiety, and the moment that toe meets leather tonight will bring a sense of calm or a rush of adrenaline that you haven’t had in months.

I, uh, have been coping with copious adrenaline rushes for a while now — and I’m honestly not close to achieving any sense of calm, despite things moving in a positive direction. This Saturday will also not be a full day’s buffet for me, with errands yet to run — and a rocket launch to catch that will ensnarl traffic even if everything goes right.

But if it is that for you? I’m happy for you, even more than I am envious of you. And if you want to celebrate a little harder — sink further into the couch, savor the snap of the tailgate hot dog, watch all of Western Kentucky at Hawai’i, whatever — than usual?

I’m all for that even before I’m all for the Gators.