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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. CLI

Winning doesn’t solve everything. But it’s better than losing.

NCAA Football: Utah at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, this is a slow start to the week. But this was a holiday weekend — the one about not working, mind you — at the end of a hectic first week in a new place, and I’m still sort of catching my breath in all the many ways you might expect.

Still: How about that game?

I realize that, from the span of the weekend, there might have been other slightly more thrilling wins garnered by other teams. Hell, Florida State managed to win one of those choke-offs it’s been playing for about five years straight for once. That has to be exciting!

But I stand by something I mused about on Twitter on Saturday night: I don’t think any team in all of college football beat a better team than the Utah outfit Florida outlasted this weekend. Notre Dame looks good, but also a bit closer to offensively challenged than expected, and Ohio State sputtering for a half and still winning by double digits speaks to how little the Irish did offensively. Oregon, still scraping itself off Georgia’s cleats, looks like a long-term rebuild — which, uh, would leave me somewhat concerned in the medium and long terms had my team just hired Oregon’s coach, I think? Cincinnati is clearly not as good as it was a year ago, which is a great argument for not letting your best players move on to professional football.

To borrow from a guy that Florida’s seen a couple of times in recent years: Who’s got it better than us right now, at least in regards to body of work and satisfaction of the fan base? Maybe Georgia, if you weight quality of dominance over difficulty of opponent?

That it’s even a debate is certainly not bad for the first game of a tenure.