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Florida vs. Mississippi State, Game Thread: Starkville Saturday night

Florida’s week-long road trip goes from one lonely outpost to another.

NCAA Basketball: Florida at Texas A&M Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

I cannot think of many things less fun than existing in Starkville, Mississippi on Saturday night — but one of them is paying attention to events happening there on a Saturday night.

What a fun thing this is!

Anyway, the good news about Florida’s game at Mississippi State this evening is that both teams struggle to score but are excellent defensively, suggesting that this might be a game in which getting to 50 points could be difficult.

Yay! So much fun!

Probably better news for Florida: Mississippi State has been icy in SEC play, ranking worst in the league in practically every meaningful shooting category — the Bulldogs are second-to-last in two-point field goal percentage, so ... there’s that — and has only managed a win over potential last-placer Ole Miss. If the Bulldogs are going to suddenly wake up and play reasonably effective offensive basketball, it will probably not occur against Florida.

Though, well, the Gators also struggle to do the “play basketball well” and “score points” objectives. So ... fun, right?

One team has to win. That’s where we are. Go Gators?