RIP, Alligator Army. ? - 9/9/2023

Waylp, I think I'm pronouncing this page officially deceased, given the lack of a game thread on Saturday. I believe that's the final nail in the coffin, so to speak.

That's a shame; I really enjoyed so many conversations/interactions over the years, and as has been said before, the community here was (is, for those still around) head and shoulders above most of what you find out there on the world wide webs. I'll still pop by to see if anyone posts anything new, but I think this is pretty much it; maybe SB Nation will find a new editor and team at some point. For the minimum word count, here are the lyrics to the fight song:

So give a cheer, for the orange and blue

Waving forever

Forever pride of old Florida

May she droop never

We'll sing a song for the flag today

Cheer for the team at play

On to the goal we'll fight our way

For Florida

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