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Florida vs. USF: The good, bad, and ugly from the Gators’ nail-biter win

Florida’s run game continues to be dominant. But it had to be for the Gators to overcome USF.

Anthony Richardson “can’t be Superman” for Florida — and Clark Kent’s suit may not fit

It does not seem as fun to be Anthony Richardson as it should be.

A new commenting system is coming to Alligator Army

Coming Wednesday, comments will look different.

Florida and Scott Stricklin must reckon fully with Cam Newbauer’s alleged abuse

Stricklin’s athletic department needs to be transparent and honest about exactly what happened under its watch and when. And if it cannot or will not do that, someone else should run the athletic department.

Alligator Army is hiring contributors

Come cover the Gators with us!

Florida 31, USF 28: Gators get a win, but they can’t get right

Florida’s uninspiring performance against USF suggest this may be a difficult season for the Gators.

Florida vs. USF, Game Thread: Can the Gators get right?

Florida could use USF as a chance to learn — or an opportunity to work out frustrations.

Florida vs. USF: The Daily Stampede sizes up the Bulls, Jeff Scott’s rebuild, and incredible hair

USF is in a precarious spot when it comes to college football’s ever-shifting sands. Its chances of beating Florida this Saturday? Well...

Florida vs. USF: Can the Gators cleanse their palates?

Florida found itself foundering against Kentucky. Is a matchup against USF going to let the Gators get back to doing what they do best?

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Florida Gators in the NFL: The missing Pierce

After a brilliant preseason producing enormous hype, Dameon Pierce had a quiet first NFL game.

Florida vs. Kentucky: What happened to the Gators’ offense?

One week after a great showing against Utah, Florida sputtered against Kentucky. Was that all Anthony Richardson’s fault?

Kentucky 26, Florida 16: Wildcats lay a licking on sloppy Gators

Florida controlled much of the first half of its SEC opener. But mistakes from an erratic Anthony Richardson allowed Kentucky to right its ship and sail straight.

Florida vs. Kentucky, Game Thread: Can the Gators sustain momentum?

Florida can add another impressive bullet point to its resume against Kentucky. Simply staying up would be impressive in its own right.

Florida vs. Kentucky: Breaking down the Wildcats and Will Levis, promising enigma

Florida will see another NFL prospect at QB in Week 2 — but it’s not clear what version of Kentucky’s Will Levis they’ll face off against.

Ranking every Florida Gator in the NFL at the start of the 2022 season

Some Gators are unicorns. Others may be facing legal action. In conclusion, this is a world of contrasts.

Florida flashed Billy Napier’s desired situational expertise, “legendary finish” against Utah

The Gators didn’t do everything right against Utah. What they did do well was enough for a huge win.

The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. CLI

Winning doesn’t solve everything. But it’s better than losing.

Florida’s first win of the 2022 season was an unbelievable, unforgettable thrill

And even if the Gators did nothing more this fall, that might be enough.

Florida 29, Utah 26: Gators ring in Billy Napier era with stunning, stirring win

Anthony Richardson powered an offense that took everything it could. Amari Burney seized the game at the end.

Florida vs. Utah, Game Thread: Once more into the void

Not knowing is fun, really. Sort of.

Week 1 college football open thread: How to watch a stuffed Saturday

The Gators don’t play until tonight. But this is one of those Saturdays we wish every day would be.

Florida Gators announce 2022 uniform schedule

The Gators will go traditional for the most part.

Florida vs. Utah, Depth Charting: Few surprises on Billy Napier’s first Gators two-deep

You’re not gonna believe this, but Anthony Richardson is Florida’s starting quarterback in 2022.

Florida vs. Utah: Can the Utes maul the Gators on the ground?

Utah’s strength is in the trenches. But that strength didn’t always translate outside of Pac-12 play in 2021.

Florida vs. Utah: Watch Billy Napier’s first game week remarks

The biggest game of Napier’s life is on Saturday. Florida fans should hope it’s just the first of many.

The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. Since Then III

Remember that this is a privilege.

The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. Since Then II

It’s hard to sit and think when you can’t, uh, sit and think.

Friday Forum: Who is Florida’s second-most exciting player in 2022?

There’s a clear leading man who will be the star of the show. But who else could reside in the spotlight?

As Florida begins fall practices, believe half of what you see

We have moved from talking season to lying season. But we can be honest about that.

How far is Florida’s roster from championship contention?

Florida does not seem championship-caliber on paper. What the Gators are doing on the recruiting trail suggests that could change under Billy Napier.

Napier can’t truly win over Florida fans in talking season

He’s been saying things — interesting, telling, compelling things. But few who talk about him are really listening.

The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. Since Then I

There are times when a life changes a little, and times when it changes a lot. I’m living through the latter.