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National College Football

Week 1 college football open thread: How to watch a stuffed Saturday

The Gators don’t play until tonight. But this is one of those Saturdays we wish every day would be.

2022 College Football Playoff National Championship Game open thread: To hell...

And you know with whom.

College football open thread, Week 4

Two teams from outside of the state of Illinois are playing a game in Chicago today.

Week 1 college football open thread: And so it begins

The Gators play late. That means you have all of today to survey the rest of the field.

EA Sports announces revival of College Football video game

The beloved NCAA Football series is returning as College Football, though when and exactly how remain unknown.

New Year’s Day bowls and College Football Playoff open thread

A day full of college football to conclude a season of it probably won’t feel like such a guilty pleasure in a year.

Florida’s flurry of opt-outs helps reveal meaninglessness of bowl season

Stop squinting and see bowl season for what it is: A series of glorified made-for-TV exhibitions.

Interview: Laura Rutledge discusses headbutts, “Homegating,” and Trask for Heisman

Baby in tow and pandemic raging, the multi-talented Florida alumna continues her rise,

The Foofaraw: In 2020, college sports — and fans — surrendered

College sports came up against a foe much more formidable in 2020. It surrendered, time and again. But so did fans.

Georgia QB Jamie Newman’s opt-out is a blueprint for many more

The presumptive starting QB of a Playoff contender saw the risks of this season and stepped away. He won’t be alone.

Friday Forum: Will we have college football in 2020?

Does a summer spent kicking the can down the road and passing the buck instill any confidence?

Weekly Recon: How much does LSU’s national title affect Florida?

One of the Gators’ newer rivals has a new flag to fly forever. Does that threaten Florida’s turf?

New Year’s Day bowl games open thread: Rose and crimson

A day chock-full of big bowls features SEC powers Alabama and Georgia, among other top teams.

College Football Playoff open thread: Top four vie for chance at title

College football’s top teams hit the field in Atlanta and Glendale today.

College football bowls open thread, December 21: Hello, old friend

Florida’s last coach leads his new team into action on the first big day of bowl season.

Week 14 college football open thread: Rivalry week returns

What should you watch before Florida-FSU?

Week 13 college football open thread: Cupcakes before Thanksgiving

Florida’s third bye week should maybe be spent not watching football.

Chomping at Bits: Florida State fires Taggart, Gators know third down woes

The school out west actually pulled the trigger on cutting ties with perhaps its worst coach ever.

Week 10 college football open thread: A sleepy Saturday beyond the spotlight?

Florida and Georgia are playing the day’s marquee game. Is there any intrigue beyond it?

NCAA to allow players to benefit from name, image, and likeness

With the rising tide on the horizon, Indianapolis waves a white flag.

Week 9 college football open thread: Sit back and relax

The Gators are off. We won’t blame you if you are, too.

Week 8 college football open thread: Get it over early

The Gators play early, and there’s not that much to recommend the later windows.

Week 7 college football open thread: It’s getting good now

Florida-LSU is just the cherry on top of a great day of action.

Florida rises to No. 8 in SB Nation FanPulse Top 25 for Week 7

The Gators will see the poll’s No. 5 team in Baton Rouge.

Week 6 college football open thread: Around the eye of the storm

Gainesville is the epicenter of the college football universe this week. And there isn’t that much compelling going on elsewhere.

College GameDay to visit Gainesville for first time since 2012

The Gators’ recent luck when GameDay has come to their city of play isn’t so great, though.

Week 5 college football open thread: Do you need to mow the lawn?

Because, uh, this might be a day for mowing the lawn...

Week 4 college football open thread: Little numbers naturally link

Georgia hosting Notre Dame caps a day with a few big games.

Week 3 college football open thread: The biggest showdown is off the field

Clemson-Syracuse? Alabama-South Carolina? Nah: This week, it’s Disney and AT&T.

Buffet: Injury updates on Henderson, Toney; men’s basketball SEC schedule; Florida-Tennessee set for noon

The Gators’ two No. 1s should be back on the field sooner than some feared.

Week 2 college football open thread: Eyes deep in the heart

A showdown between top-10 teams in the Lone Star State is the day’s biggest game.

Florida falls to No. 11 in SB Nation FanPulse Top 25 for Week 2

The Gators’ close win over Miami didn’t do much to impress voters ... outside the Florida fan base, anyway.