Is 2021 Dan Mullen's Scheduled Down Year?


David Wunderlich - I have been developing the concept of the "scheduled down year" for a while now. The idea is that a head coach will see a dip in team performance in either his third or fourth season, depending on the initial conditions, for reasons that are largely out of his control.

Antonio Shelton Film Study


In-depth look at the new guy.

Hogs Haven 2020 NFL Draft Coverage: Florida Gators Preview


Gators fans, read about Florida's NFL Draft prospects over at SB Nation's Hogs Haven, a Washington Redskins community.

Florida State Is Technically Not Bowl Eligible


I's Reddit...but this is fascinating research. With this bowl game only a week away, it's highly unlikely the NCAA will actually act on this at this point, but wouldn't it be just a wee bit amusing if FSU had their bowl streak snapped?

Gamecock Fan Rates Fan Friendliness at Disney World


This is on the Gamecock's SB Nation, pretty funny stuff.

Feature on Gators W-Basketball's Brooke Copeland


Beautiful feature story done by Ethan at Alligator Sports. Please give it a read if you have some time! Well done!

Feature story on Stone Forsythe, freshman OL for the Gators


I highly recommend giving this piece on Stone Forsythe a read. It's an excellent story written by one of the Alligator's sports editors!

Devin Robinson dunked from the sky


My goodness.

Steve McClain looks a lot like Jim McElwain


Steve Spurrier's new book mistakes head coach Jim McElwain for sports information director Steve McClain. Oops.