Steve McClain looks a lot like Jim McElwain


Steve Spurrier's new book mistakes head coach Jim McElwain for sports information director Steve McClain. Oops.

Florida listed as 2-point underdog vs. FSU


This game has been moving back and forth since the summer. Before the season began, the Seminoles were set to be favored in this game. Then, as the 2015 season progressed, the Gators became the favored team.

Now, presumably as a result of the Gators having struggled with lesser opponents, the Noles are once again favored. It should be a fun game.

Udonis Haslem's blood makes for awesome Heat tee


The Miami Heat debuted a couple of new uniforms on Monday night, and they're cool, I guess — I was a Heat fan when LeBron was a Heat player, and now I've realized my allegiances basically lie with LeBron; I can take all of your "bandwagon" jeers, so bring 'em on. But the best things from the reveal were a pair of "Moments" t-shirts, one memorializing Dwayne Wade's unforgettable "This is my house!" exclamation from atop a scorer's table after a game-winning shot, and the other memorializing Gators great and Miami legend Udonis Haslem literally bleeding for his brothers.

You can cop the tee here.

The #eBayGatorsItemOfTheDay is this monstrosity


You have about an hour to bid on and buy this hideous black Tebow jersey, and if you buy it and provide proof in the comments, I will give you a special surprise.

No, it won't be an immediate banning because you will have demonstrated incalculably poor taste in ap ... okay, yes, I was going to ban you.

Florida practicing rugby tackling with rolling rings


This image (click here for the full screengrab) is via Florida football's official Snapchat account — chompchat — and shows Gators defensive backs practicing tackling with rolling rings used in Australian rugby to teach proper tackling methods. Update: Florida's @_Gators_ recruiting account also posted a short video of the drill in question.

The teaching and usage of rugby tackling is on the rise in American football — the Seattle Seahawks were early converts, going so far as to produce a 20-minute instructional video on their "Hawk Tackle" rugby-style system, and Ohio State adopted elements of that system last fall. To my eye, rugby tackles seem like both surer tackles (they're designed to stop the momentum of a runner in a sport where momentum is key) and ones that typically move the position of the helmet from potential contact with a runner's helmet to a glancing impact with the chest.

While it isn't the only change the sport probably needs, safer, sounder tackling will go a long, long way toward preserving football as a sport we can enjoy for decades to come. And I'm proud that Florida seems to be close to the vanguard on this front.

Kyle Trask now a composite three-star player


Trask's 247Sports Composite rating — the one I pay attention to, because of how it combines all of the recruiting services' estimates — rose over the weekend, because ESPN evaluated him and gave him a three-star rating (and a 77 grade).

Trask is still slated to be a backup to TCU commit D'Eriq King during his senior year at Manvel High, as at least one person who was a week late to the news of his commitment but still wanted to get some troll tread out of that fact pointed out late last week, but it's clear that recruiting services don't think of him as a scrub.