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Tim Tebow

Watch: Tebow inducted into Florida’s Ring of Honor

"I was born a Gator. I played as a Gator. I will die as a Gator."

Watch: Tebow hits walk-off homer for St. Lucie Mets

Tebow has quietly put together a phenomenal run of play in the Florida State League.

Tebow promoted to high-A St. Lucie Mets

.222 hitters get promoted now, apparently.

Musings: On Brantley, Walton-Fagan, and Tebow

Stray thoughts on some of the topics of the week.

Watch: Tebow homers in first minor league at-bat

How could it have started but with a bang?

Tim Tebow wants to be remembered for “loving people”

In our sit-down interview, the Gators legend gave his thoughts on role models and leadership, the Outback Bowl — and the chances of getting him to Gainesville in 2017.

“Tebow Pop Pass” grants Poe an NFL record

The Chiefs’ biggest man made history on a play that will sound familiar to Florida fans.

Tim Tebow signs minor-league deal with Mets

The former Florida quarterback will head to an instructional league.

CAB: Tebow's "Night to Shine" fulfills dreams

Another good deed from a good guy.

Featured Fanshot

Watch: Tebow surprises young Florida fan in hospital

What an incredible moment to witness. Gator Nation has you in our hearts and thoughts, Nathaniel.

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Eagles release Tim Tebow

Never trust Chip Kelly.

CAB: Student tickets for opener sold out

Florida doesn't deserve derision for doing what it can to put butts in seats.

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Report: Tebow in line to make Eagles roster

This is according to an ESPN anchor whom I had literally never heard of prior to this report, but: Apparently Chip Kelly likes Tebow's ability to run the football and sees him as a potential asset when it comes to two-point conversions and short-yardage downs — so, basically, Tebow could be the ideal specialist many thought he could be for the Eagles. The more important detail here comes from Bleeding Green Nation, which notes that the Eagles have tried to trade Matt Barkley, and clearly seem to favor Tebow as a third quarterback.

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Tebow runs in touchdown in Eagles preseason debut

His performance as a whole was up-and-down, to be kind, but Tebow's still got some wheels.

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Tim Tebow swings life away

It's a slow day.

Tebow gets last, best chance with Eagles

Tim Tebow's NFL career, one that was seemingly over, hasn't fully restarted. But his chances of making it with Philadelphia Eagles are better than he could have reasonably expected.

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Report: Eagles will sign Tebow on Monday

This is the real Jay Glazer, yes, and ESPN's Adam Schefter is confirming the news, also adding that he's getting a one-year contract.

Hernandez and Tebow walk into a bar...

The insanity of the Aaron Hernandez story has finally gotten Tim Tebow involved, and things are getting far, far dumber by the minute.

Tebow to the Pats: What it does, doesn't mean

There are a lot of ways to see Tim Tebow's signing with the New England Patriots. But there are a few that seem like clear interpretations.

Tebow's CFL future could be very bright

Tim Tebow's NFL career seems to have stalled out. But he could be surprisingly good in the CFL.

How fanatical Tebow fans give Gators a bad name

It's frustrating to be a skeptic with an audience of faithful. But it's frustrating to be a Tim Tebow fan when the NFL's skeptical about him. Here's how Tebow Nation can help Tebow.

Did Cam Newton "outperform" Tim Tebow at Florida?

Tim Tebow was the unquestioned starter at Florida from 2007 to 2009. But was Cam Newton better than Tebow at Florida after he won the 2007 Heisman Trophy?

Will Hill Sacks Tim Tebow, Disturbance Felt Throughout Gator Nation

Will Hill vs. Tim Tebow is the strangest instance of Gator-on-Gator violence ever.

VIDEO: Tim Tebow Runs Shirtless In The Rain With Bo Derek (Sort Of)

Tim Tebow is shirtless in the rain in a video in this post. You're welcome?

Let's Talk About Tim Tebow Or Something

Tim Tebow, Child of Privilege And Evidence For Equal Opportunity

Tim Tebow's enjoyed a lot of advantages in his young life. But he's been great at making the most of his every opportunity, and there's a lesson in that.

Tim Tebow's Fourth Quarter Comebacks: Common In the NFL, Rare at Florida

Tim Tebow's dazzled the NFL with a series of dramatic fourth quarter comebacks. The Broncos quarterback already has three times as many as fourth quarter comebacks than he did at Florida.