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University of Florida

University of Florida picks Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse as “sole finalist” in presidential search

If a state university needs a political operator as president, Florida may have found such a man. But that’s a big if.

Kent Fuchs to retire as University of Florida president, return to teaching

Fuchs led UF’s charge to the top tier of public schools — but his last year has led to all sorts of charges against him and the university.

Florida rises to No. 6 in U.S. News and World Report rankings of public schools

UF moved up a single spot in the top 10 for the fourth straight year.

A humble suggestion for Gator Nation Giving Day 2020

Today, if you’re inclined to give, remember Ed Aschoff, and help build his legacy.

SEC lifts ban on in-stadium alcohol sales

Could you be able to buy a beer in The Swamp this fall?

Watch: UF president dunks on Gorjok Gak

Another satisfying dunk for Fuchs this week.

Friday Forum: You ain’t gotta lie to kick it

I’ma be as real as I can with this.

#NotMySystem movement roils UF student politics

Are winds of change swirling?

Inventor Wertheim gives $50M to UF for engineering

Ironically, the future of Florida's engineering school is bright partly because we've all gotta wear shades.

Featured Fanshot

Publix submits plans for small-scale store north of Florida campus

You may recall the excitement about this prospect when it was first reported back in June, but we've now made it to the planning stages, and per this GTN report, Publix struck a deal with the McDonald's that currently exists just north of University Avenue on 13th Street for the fast food franchise's location. (McDonald's plans to build a store just west of 13th on University.) As previously mentioned, this new Publix is apparently intended to be a pilot for a small-scale version of the supermarket giant's stores. In the GTN report, Gainesville City Commission Harvey Budd suggests the location would have a specialized parking lot for scooters and small vehicles, but would also have both a pharmacy and a liquor store.

Featured Fanshot

Florida professor in Hogan's corner in trial vs. Gawker

The Florida professor in question is Mike Foley, one of the stars of the Florida's journalism school faculty. After (more or less) leaving the newspaper business, he's been on staff at UF since 2003, and his Reporting class is notorious for its difficulty. But I think he's wrong in this case. According to Capital New York's Peter Sterne, Foley said this during a deposition: "The fact that there was a video of [Hogan] naked having sex in a private bedroom in a private home and that was posted on the Internet for anyone to see, it's not newsworthy." For me — and, as a disclosure, I worked for Gawker Media at Deadspin for about two months, and previously contributed to Deadspin before that — defining something as "newsworthy" in an era in which the definition of "news" is increasingly broad has become a task much like defining something as pornography was for Potter Stewart. And I know it when I see it: A public figure like Hulk Hogan having made a sex tape is quite clearly news — and I think proof of the video's existence is, while distasteful, pretty clearly news, especially if all of the other details of its existence are. That said, though: Gawker's lawyers trying to get Foley's testimony excluded on the basis that it's just opinion — that it's somehow not analysis reflective of Foley being an expert in the field of journalism — is laughable. One can be an expert and wrong.

McElwain, Fuchs "swap" jobs for April Fools' joke

Coach Fuchs and President McElwain?

UF picks Cornell's Fuchs to replace Machen

Also: "WHAT DOES THE FUCHS SAY?" is gonna be really old by, like, Friday.

Harris reinstated by UF, UAA; won't play vs. LSU

Florida's freshman quarterback is cleared to return to campus and the Gators, but he's not going to play on Saturday.

Complaint withdrawn, what's next for Harris, UF?

Now what?

18 tips for #UF18 during Summer B

Thousands of freshmen are starting their careers as Gators this week. We have tips!