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Funny stuff.

One simple switch to save Florida football

There’s only one thing to blame for the Gators’ gridiron woes. And a new kind of Pepsi Challenge could fix them.

Fast Food Friday: Is Wendy’s breakfast the next big thing?

The burger chain is taking its biggest cut yet at morning meals. On the merits, it’s rapped just a solid single.

Featured Fanshot

Bet you can't do it like Alberta

Almost as good as the dance (to DLOW's "Bet You Can't Do It Like Me," a minor Vine sensation): Florida volleyballer Taelor Kellum's reaction.

Featured Fanshot

Mississippi equipment truck has its own struggles with The Swamp

Yes, Florida mascot Alberta is on Tinder

Florida is better at Snapchat than Tinder, it turns out.

Featured Fanshot

Marco Rubio hits child in face with football

I mean, that's not even a spiral. But that kid may or may not be better than the average Gators receiver, amirite!?!? At least he made a play on the ball! Spurrier Leak Tebow grumble we suck forever something stick to sports. (In case you're unaware, Rubio's a UF grad and a big-time football fan, though he strikes me as more Dolphins fan than Gators fan — "just like all the fans who are rotting this fan base from the inside," said a message board that somehow gained sentience. Also, Rubio's most notable act as a Florida fan was a tweet that proved to be ill-timed through no fault of his own.)